IT Hub Northumberland Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The scheme is a conversion of a standard 1980’s office development into a state-of-the-art IT hub with an open plan office, break-out spaces, meeting rooms and pods, a central Director’s office and a relaxation area. The feel is one of a ‘Manhattan loft’ with high ceilings, exposed trunking and service ducts, long benches and comfy seats. Bright primary coloured furniture dominates with different flooring treatments breaking up the area into defined sections.

With the supply of highly skilled IT professionals being less than the increasing demand, employers like the NHS needed to attract personnel with relaxed working spaces which reflect the interiors more of California’s Silicon Valley than traditional offices, as JDDK Project Architect and Associate Director, Nicky Hodgson, explained, “Our brief from CTCS was to create an internal working space which would attract the very highest caliber IT professionals, whom the Trust was bringing together for the first time in one building.

The 1980’s exterior gives no hint of the inside where the whole feel of the building changes to reflect the modern tastes of the 100 or so predominantly young professionals who work here and whose feedback
has been incredibly positive. Environmentally it’s also a very positive move to reconfigure existing buildings
into new uses rather than demolish and rebuild.

Work commenced in November 2022 and completed in July 2023, four weeks ahead of schedule and under budget at £1.1million. The use of local contractors and materials were always used whenever possible.

Clive Tait, of CTCS added, “The JDDK team have given CTCS an exemplary service which has helped us to realise our full potential on this project and live up to our slogan of Building with Vision. Nicky Hodgson, in particular, as a consummate and leading professional in her field, shared our vision and brought such enthusiasm, perception and inspiration that we were proud to be able to include her in the CTCS team.”