Meldrum_MagdeleneCompletion-262 REDUCED

Magdalene Court

Completed in 2023, this project for St Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust was developed in partnership with Meldrum Construction. The development involved demolishing three existing apartment blocks from the 1960s, which were no longer no longer fit for purpose. These are replaced with three two-storey, three-bedroom homes for families and a block of 15 one-bedroom apartments designed for older individuals who live independently.

The design emphasises on creating well-defined communal spaces that enhance the external environment and promote connectivity throughout the site. The new structures strategically utilised the footprint of the demolished buildings to minimize the overall impact on the site and retain as many mature trees as possible. The existing raised gardens were integrated into the design, with designated communal spaces providing opportunities for creating various garden types, such as sensory gardens, tailored to the users’ needs.

The development features dual frontage and pedestrian access for both the apartments and houses, improving connectivity to the surrounding area. A road access is positioned in between the apartments and houses, creating an intangible separation to prevent potential conflicts between the two different lifestyles while still encouraging potential co-living without physical barriers.

The houses are positioned to have south-facing gardens with low fencing to encourage visual connection to the mature trees in the enclosed and secured communal garden, fostering family engagement. The apartment entrance overlooks an old mature tree, creating an access route through the gardens connecting into the apartment block. The apartment units have recessed entrances, allowing for personalised identity and assisting residents with wayfinding from the corridor. The ground floor units feature private patios and gardens, while upper units have balconies, creating a connection with nature and outdoor green spaces.