The Rutherford Cancer Centre North East, Northumberland

The £38m  Rutherford Cancer Centre North East is the first privately-run centre in England to offer Proton Beam Therapy as well as a range of treatments. The facility offers world-leading technology including Infusion Therapy, High Precision Radiotherapy and Proton Beam Therapy.

The building and its environment are designed with patients at their core. State of the art technology in a beautiful and calming natural therapeutic setting, aimed to improve treatment outcomes and reduce stress for patients, families and staff.

The project was delivered using a confederated BIM, enabling close collaboration with specialist teams from the key equipment partners: Philips, Elekta and IBA (Ion Beam Applications SA) as well as the constructors.  In total, around 160 construction workers, including companies from around the world, were involved in bringing the Centre to life.