Marie Curie Hospice, Solihull

As part of a longstanding relationship with Marie Curie Cancer Care JDDK have designed a 24 bed hospice in Solihull including day services and outpatient facilities, cafe area, education and training department along with administrative spaces. Construction completed in November 2012 with a contract value of £13m.

The overall design of the hospice fuses domestic architecture with an open plan layout, drawing visitors and residents into a familiar environment. Research has shown the benefits of external views to the health and wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors in such a potentially stressful environment, so the design of the building is based on the idea of small wings, almost like the fingers of a hand, where all the patient rooms and circulation areas have external views over landscaped gardens. In addition to this, windows have been created between the bedrooms and the circulation spaces, the overall aim of which is to prevent feelings of isolation.

The development retains the vast majority of the existing trees on the site and includes the creation of a new wildlife pond – a popular and interesting external feature of the project which is covered by CCTV linked to all bedrooms so that all the residents can watch the natural habitat. The building achieved a BREEAM Very Good rating.