Four Promotions At JDDK Architects

Four Promotions At JDDK Architects

We’re delighted to announce two promotions to Associate Director and a further two promotions to Associate.

Tristan Cooper

Tristan Cooper has become an Associate Director. Tristan joined JDDK in 2005 and has led the detail design and delivery of much of the practice’s housing schemes and healthcare projects. He said, “I’m delighted to have been made an Associate Director. The role allows me further capacity to represent the company and deliver high quality schemes on behalf of our clients at what promises to be an exciting year for JDDK. As part of the role I will further develop legislative Health and Safety compliance both in house and throughout our schemes.”

Clair Sanders

Clair Sanders has become an Associate Director with specific responsibility for Quality Management. Clair joined the practice in 2006 and has taken a leading role on a number of schemes, becoming an Associate in 2016. She commented, “The practice’s Quality Management System a both a requirement of being an RIBA chartered practice and a great benefit to us as a business. It outlines the procedures we have in place to ensure we are meeting customer needs and providing quality of service, alongside efficient and effective working.  My responsibility includes ensuring these procedures are relevant and able to be implemented within our day-to-day work, reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the QM system and how it can be continually improved, and managing the staff training and documentation which maintains the system and reinforces our culture of customer care and quality of service.”

Samantha Dixon

Samantha Dixon has been promoted to Associate with responsibility for Conservation and Heritage projects. Sam joined us in 2013 during which time she has developed specific skills and knowledge in the conservation and heritage sectors and has gained accreditation as an RIBA Conservation Architect. She said, “As a recognition of my accreditation as an RIBA Accredited Conservation Architect, my role as an Associate will be to develop this expertise and take a lead on Conversation and Heritage projects within the office, as well as providing support to other JDDK team members working on projects within this sector.”

Chun Yuen

Chun Yuen has been promoted to Associate with responsibility for Standards & Regulation. Chun, who joined the practice in 2013, commented, “I am delighted to have been promoted. In the role I will be making sure that as a practice we are keeping up to date with the various regulations and standards that our technical designs need to comply with.  This is an area of our work that I take a lot of interest in – for example in recent months I have been leading us in getting to grips with the most recent changes in Building Regulations relating to conservation of fuel and power as well as those that deal with avoiding overheating in our homes.”

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