Day Services Outpatient Suite, St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne - Client: St Oswald’s Hospice

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The new Day Services Outpatient Suite at Newcastle’s St Oswald’s Hospice was completed in June 2009. We have also been responsible for all five previous phases of development at the hospice however this building is a marked contrast to the existing single storey buildings, shielding the patient areas of the hospice from the four and five storey office development immediately adjacent to the site. The main design principle of the building is to provide a patient-based environment which will ensure the privacy and dignity of patients whilst reducing waiting times and creating more spacious and tranquil surroundings in keeping with the hospice environment.

The award winning building has been designed on common sense sustainable design principles, minimising solar gain via the introduction of balconies and contemporary cedar bris-soleil panels, whilst orientating the key spaces internally to maximise views onto the external gardens. The design is based around a series of central atria maximising natural light in the heart of the building as well as allowing the stack effect to draw in outside air into the ground floor and up throughout the building so there is no need for mechanical air conditioning. Rainwater is harvested for flushing toilets and to provide irrigation for the surrounding landscape, whilst thermal solar panels on the roof provide a great deal of the building’s hot water assisted by a high efficiency gas boiler feeding an underfloor heating system.

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